Final Week of Fundraising

We’re into the final week of fundraising for the contest and we’re nearly there! We have received two more donations-one from an anonymous and one from Darusha Wehm. A big shout out to Darusha for supporting the science fiction community and the creative commons.

We only need another $240 to make it to our goal. That means only 24 people to donate $10. Surely, there are at least that many Vinge fans out there? (I’m feeling a bit like NPR or PBS as I write this.) We’ll take any amount, even $1. The number of donations that we get helps increase our ranking on Indiegogo and in turn raises our visibility.

With full funding, we will have prize money for the winner, runner up, and third prize, plus a small honorarium for the judge. (I have lined up a very cool judge and will be blogging about this soon.)